She had only an hour to get ready. She sat in front of her vanity mirror. She spread all her goodies, her lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, brushes, and whatnots, on the table. She looked at her makeup collection, and she knew exactly which products she was going to use. She knew how to make herself look like a star of the party. Makeup came naturally to her.

She used a brush to apply foundation on her face, then made her cheeks looked rosy with a blush, and then continued to make her eyes sparkle with eye shadows. She knew the steps like the back of her hand. In her mind’s eye, she could see her mother getting ready in front of a mirror as she was now. She had always enjoyed watching her mother get ready as a child. She would sit in a corner and watch her mother apply kajal in her eyes, braid her hair in a neat plait, carefully select pieces of jewelry to wear, and don a beautiful cotton saree. She would watch it all in awe. She wanted to look just like her mother. Her little hands would itch to try to put on the makeup just like her mother would do. She would beg her mother to let her practice it on her mother’s face. Her mother never allowed it.

Nonetheless, she had found a willing guinea pig to practice putting makeup on. It was her father. He would let her sit on his tummy so that she could powder his face. He would always smile as she would paint his face with blush and lipstick. He would sit tight as she would try to tie his hair in a ponytail. He would always tell her how beautiful he looked after all the makeup and hair-styling.

She smiled as she remembered her initiation to the world of beauty and makeup. Her mother was her inspiration, but it was her father who had helped her perfect her eyeliner strokes!


I Love You

He never professed his love to her in words. She knew that he loved her, of course. However, she longed to hear his emotions seeping through those three beautiful words, ‘I love you.’ She wanted him to tell her that as if she wanted to establish it as a fact. She wanted those words to seal the deal. She tried every method to get those words out of him, but to no avail.

She fought with him that night, but still couldn’t get those words out of him. She was angry and upset when she went to sleep. The next thing she could remember was him stirring beside her. He was waking up. It must have been very early in the morning. She could hear birds outside the window. She was still half asleep when she felt something on her hand: A soft kiss. He kissed her hand softly, which was on her pillow near his side, before getting off the bed. She listened, and she listened carefully. The kiss said, ‘I love you.’

In Safe Hands

They met a couple of times before they said yes to marriage. They met only few more times before the big day. Yes, it was an arranged marriage.

The next few days after the wedding were spent in trying to understand each other. Even after a month or so, she could not decide whether he was anything like her dream guy. She still could not shake the feeling that she has left her parents’ safe, familiar, and comfy home for a stranger. She hoped to feel as comfortable and secure in their new relation as she was with her parents.

Then, a day came when she had to travel to a place all by herself. It was also the first time she was going anywhere without him. He helped her find her seat on the bus and tucked her bags away for her night journey. He got down from the bus and stood near her window. She looked towards him. Few seconds passed without any of them saying anything. Suddenly, the engine roared, and the bus started moving forward slowly. Like a sudden volcanic eruption, words started flowing from his mouth. She could hear him telling her not to get off the bus at any cost, not to talk to strangers, keep sending him text messages, and what not but all she could see was the expression on his face. That had a distinct similarity with the expressions she had seen on her parents’ faces whenever they used to drop her off for her school picnics.

The bus gained speed, and he couldn’t keep the pace up with the bus any longer. She waved him a goodbye and got settled in her seat for the journey. Looking out of the window, she smiled. She knew now that she was in safe hands.

You Walk Down on a Quite Street

You walk down on a quite street,
You don’t hear the storm inside me.
You pass by me on the quite street,
You just don’t see, don’t see…
Smile on my lips, sparkle in my eyes,
Stomach full of butterflies.

You walk down on a quite street,
You don’t heart the song inside me.
You pass by me on the quite street,
You just can’t see, can’t see…
How seasons change colors for me,
Sweet smelling blossom bloom on a tree.

You walk down on a quite street,
You don’t hear the beating heart inside me.
You pass by me on the quite street,
Why won’t you see, won’t you see…
How my heart leaps out of my body,
Now it doesn’t beat for just anybody.

You walk down on a quite street,
You don’t see the pain inside me.
You pass by me on the quite street,
I guess you don’t want to see, just don’t want to see…
I don’t care how swiftly the time flies,
This is my unconditional love that never dies.