In Safe Hands

They met a couple of times before they said yes to marriage. They met only few more times before the big day. Yes, it was an arranged marriage.

The next few days after the wedding were spent in trying to understand each other. Even after a month or so, she could not decide whether he was anything like her dream guy. She still could not shake the feeling that she has left her parents’ safe, familiar, and comfy home for a stranger. She hoped to feel as comfortable and secure in their new relation as she was with her parents.

Then, a day came when she had to travel to a place all by herself. It was also the first time she was going anywhere without him. He helped her find her seat on the bus and tucked her bags away for her night journey. He got down from the bus and stood near her window. She looked towards him. Few seconds passed without any of them saying anything. Suddenly, the engine roared, and the bus started moving forward slowly. Like a sudden volcanic eruption, words started flowing from his mouth. She could hear him telling her not to get off the bus at any cost, not to talk to strangers, keep sending him text messages, and what not but all she could see was the expression on his face. That had a distinct similarity with the expressions she had seen on her parents’ faces whenever they used to drop her off for her school picnics.

The bus gained speed, and he couldn’t keep the pace up with the bus any longer. She waved him a goodbye and got settled in her seat for the journey. Looking out of the window, she smiled. She knew now that she was in safe hands.


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