I Love You

He never professed his love to her in words. She knew that he loved her, of course. However, she longed to hear his emotions seeping through those three beautiful words, ‘I love you.’ She wanted him to tell her that as if she wanted to establish it as a fact. She wanted those words to seal the deal. She tried every method to get those words out of him, but to no avail.

She fought with him that night, but still couldn’t get those words out of him. She was angry and upset when she went to sleep. The next thing she could remember was him stirring beside her. He was waking up. It must have been very early in the morning. She could hear birds outside the window. She was still half asleep when she felt something on her hand: A soft kiss. He kissed her hand softly, which was on her pillow near his side, before getting off the bed. She listened, and she listened carefully. The kiss said, ‘I love you.’


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