She had only an hour to get ready. She sat in front of her vanity mirror. She spread all her goodies, her lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, brushes, and whatnots, on the table. She looked at her makeup collection, and she knew exactly which products she was going to use. She knew how to make herself look like a star of the party. Makeup came naturally to her.

She used a brush to apply foundation on her face, then made her cheeks looked rosy with a blush, and then continued to make her eyes sparkle with eye shadows. She knew the steps like the back of her hand. In her mind’s eye, she could see her mother getting ready in front of a mirror as she was now. She had always enjoyed watching her mother get ready as a child. She would sit in a corner and watch her mother apply kajal in her eyes, braid her hair in a neat plait, carefully select pieces of jewelry to wear, and don a beautiful cotton saree. She would watch it all in awe. She wanted to look just like her mother. Her little hands would itch to try to put on the makeup just like her mother would do. She would beg her mother to let her practice it on her mother’s face. Her mother never allowed it.

Nonetheless, she had found a willing guinea pig to practice putting makeup on. It was her father. He would let her sit on his tummy so that she could powder his face. He would always smile as she would paint his face with blush and lipstick. He would sit tight as she would try to tie his hair in a ponytail. He would always tell her how beautiful he looked after all the makeup and hair-styling.

She smiled as she remembered her initiation to the world of beauty and makeup. Her mother was her inspiration, but it was her father who had helped her perfect her eyeliner strokes!


4 thoughts on “Makeup

  1. “When You TOUCH to feel it’s Desire, when you TOUCH and don’t feel it’s Ignorance and when You don’t TOUCH and still feel that’s LOVE…..”
    Here a soft touch by him talked more than those three beautiful words… the power of words and touch is reflected here… Good Job…


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