In the Eyes (Part 1)

A little gloomy light lingered after sunset. The streets under the ominous sky were silent. Though it was only seven o’clock, there was not a single person to be seen. Not a single car passed by. Empty roads, sidewalks, and stores seem quite abnormal. It wasn’t always the case. This area of the city used to be bustling with people till late in the night. Now, the picture was quite different. It started when those murders started.

She walked hurriedly towards her home. It was almost dark outside. She wanted to get home before the light was completely gone. The street was empty as it was since last few days. She could hear her own heart beating. She knew She could feel safe only after she is inside her house. It would take ten more minutes to get there. There was no one on the street besides her. She needed to get home fast.

The series of murders had started very suddenly. When the first murder happened people thought it was just one incident. However, when the next one happened within few days, it was clear that those murders were related. Around the same time, a mental patient had escaped from a nearby mental health care facility. He was not just some another patient, but a patient with a violent rage. He had killed his wife in one of his fits before being admitted to the care facility. It was clear that it was that patient who was committing the murders. Police were trying desperately to catch the patient; however, he was still running amok, and the number of dead bodies was increasing.

She entered her apartment building and started climbing the stairs. Her home was on the fourth floor. As she reached for her keys to open her door, a lock on her neighbor’s door caught her attention. It was there for almost a month now. She missed her neighbor: a sweet and gentle mother of two who was her only friend in the building. She had gone to her parents’ house with her kids. Her husband had been killed by that murderer patient a month ago. It was the first murder.

She wasn’t sad for him, and neither his wife. He was a terrible human being who was a drunk and a chronic gambler. He would beat his wife, and quarreled with everyone. He hated her guts as she was sole friend and consoler of his wife. He used to think that she was turning his wife against him, which was true. She hated how her friend would turn meek in front of his husband and give in to his every demands. She had tried talk some sense into her friend, but to no avail. She remembered an incident before he died. It was two days before his murder. He was beating his wife again, but when she tried to intervene he turned on to her. Few other people, who were gathered hearing the commotion, stopped him before he could do any harm to her. With his hands tied, he started throwing insults at her. She could still hear his words, “Oh, you think you are so brave, woman. You wanna mess with me, lady? Oh, you wanna stop me? You will have to kill me to stop me. Oh, I can see it. I can see a murder in your eyes? Do you wanna kill me?” In fact, she did wanted to kill him at that second. Well, his bad karma took care of it. He was killed within couple of days. What goes around comes around.

(To be continued…)