It is a calm evening. An occasional peaceful breeze blows through the trees, bringing a gentle and sweet scent of flowers through the window. A tiny bird is singing lazily somewhere near. An old man sits by the window, oblivious to his surroundings. He doesn’t notice the bird, nor does he pay any attention to the sweet breeze. He sits with his eyes closed.

A family enters the building. The man looks around nervously, and his wife tries to hold their young son back, who is trying to run ahead of them. As they make their way in the building, all eyes are on them. Those tired and wrinkly eyes are waiting for a family too; their young family who would come to visit them someday.

The man enters quietly in the old man’s room. His wife and son follow him cautiously. The old man doesn’t even notice them. The man calls out for his father, but the old man doesn’t turn around to look at him. The son crosses the room and places a hand on his father’s shoulder tenderly. The old man turns and looks blankly at his son. With a lump in his throat, the son stares back at his father’s vacant eyes. Few silent minutes pass between them. The little boy gets impatient. He leaps towards his grandfather and gives him a tight hug. The old man looks at the little boy. Slowly, a smile appears on his face. His eyes lit up with recognition.



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