The blue sky was already getting darker when she opens her eyes. It takes her a minute to realize where she was. Air is getting colder by the minute but she decides to stay there laying on a blanket. The still blue sky looks beautiful through the canopy of red leaves. The red is so beautiful that the sky has decided to absorb the color now. She can see the sky turning red, orange, and yellow like the leaves. She drinks those colors through her eyes. Sometime a breeze comes out of nowhere and leaves fall like colorful pieces of the sky. All of this feels like a continuation of the dream she was dreaming before.

It starts to get a little chilly. Though it isn’t harshly cold, she feels the need to wrap herself in something cozy. She sits up and put the blanket around her. The sky has turned black now with few twinkly stars here and there. She wonders how black can overpower so many bright, beautiful colors that were there before. She longs for them. Alas, all she can see is black. Yet, she finds comfort in welcoming scents around her; leaves, chilly breeze, and of course, pumpkin spice latte! Unfortunately, her coffee has gone cold when she had decided to take a nap under the tree.

With some reluctance, she finally decides to gather her things. She stuffs her bag with the blanket, her phone, and headphones. She closes the lid of her travel mug, still undecided whether she should reheat the coffee at home or dump it in the sink for good. Finally, she reaches for the book that is laying open nearby. The bookmark is still there where she had placed it before falling asleep. She takes the book in her hands and leans in forward to smell it. Ahhh! The smell is intoxicating. Her heads swam around with happiness.

With a smile on her face, she got up and walks towards her car. It is only one left in the parking lot. She gets in the car and puts on her seatbelt. Her eyes fall on her office bag, laptop, and important work files that she had dumped on the seat next to her. She lets go a sign and closes her eyes. “Five more minutes, give me five more minutes.” She starts her car and embarks on a familiar road to her home; her routine. With the magical place that she is leaving behind through the rearview mirror, she vows to come back again when the life gets little tough!